Michael O’Brien is a Master’s level Statistician and Base SAS Certified Programmer who has extensive experiences both in school and in the business world.  Michael’s role is to analyze data to help drug companies make faster and more accurate decisions on drug development, thus saving them time and money.  Michael’s areas of knowledge are mathematics, statistics, technical writing and statistical programming using R and SAS.  While in grad school, he took the initiative in writing reports for group projects and managed to get excellent grades for the group.

Throughout his career, Michael has been known to troubleshoot problems and quickly find a solution.  He is known for his attention to detail and sharp analytical skills.  Michael is driven and dedicated to producing high quality work in a timely fashion.  A huge believer in organization and scheduling, Michael can effectively balance multiple tasks and adjust to a fluid work environment and still face hard deadlines at the same time.  This was proven by his 12 years of success at Bristol-Myers Squibb in a phase-1 clinical research facility,  During his tenure there, he earned 4 awards for excellent performance.

One of Michael’s most recent work experiences was in the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) department for Novo Nordisk in Princeton, NJ.  There, he was a biostatistician/SAS programmer for HEOR in Diabetes Marketing.  Michael conducted retrospective analysis of pharmaceutical claims data to examine the effects of cost on rate of compliance and incidence of Adverse Events for different diabetes therapies.  Michael used SAS to merge and query large data sets and reduced the data using various inclusion/exclusion criteria so the data could be analyzed further.

Michael also consulted for Aestus Therapeutics in East Windsor, NJ where he was using JMP Genomics software to solve many business problems using gene expression data for neurological research.  Michael was using such tools as cluster analysis, meta-analysis and correlation analysis to flag outliers in the data in order to identify certain genes that are biologicaly active in certain neurological diseases.

Recently, Michael completed a short-term project for a major pharmaceutical company in CT.  He conducted a targeted QC of 2 clinical trials in terms of statistical analysis and statistical programming procedures.  Michael was able to validate selected variables and review many TLF’s, as well as review the programming procedures and statistical analysis plans for areas of improvement.

Michael graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Statistics (emphasis in biostatistics).  He has 4+ years of experience with SAS, is Base SAS certified and is working towards Advanced SAS Certification later in 2012.  With 3 years experience with R, Michael is well versed in statistical programming and has also taken classes through the SAS Institute.

Michael is also a well-respected math and statistics tutor who has worked with 80+ students since 1991.

One interesting note; Michael used to be a trumpet player while in school and performed with Dizzy Gillespie in 1984 for one evening.

Michael is also a member of Toastmaster’s International where he is VP of Education for his club.

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