09/2006 — 05/2009

New Brunswick, New Jersey



Performed regression analysis (linear, non-linear, and multivariate), survival analysis, categorical data analysis, logistic regression, ANOVA, and multivariate (principal component and cluster) analysis using SAS in the following classes:

Interpretation of Data: Imported data from Excel, Word and text-based data files into SAS data sets. Wrote edit checks to remove invalid data. Analyzed survey and US Census data and completed the following 3 projects:

(Project 1): Examined the impact of new housing projects on per-capita expenditures in selected NY municipalities and made predictions on future expenditures using linear regression.

(Project 2): Compared low-income housing in NJ to other US states using percentile plots and summary statistics and performed linear regression on variables in each state.

(Project 3): Analyzed sales of orthopedic equipment by market segment using cluster analysis and Principal Component analysis to reduce the dimensionality of the set of variables.

Biostatistics 1 – An Introduction to Epidemiology: Conducted retrospective analysis of data sets which included: finding confidence intervals by asymptotic methods, performing multiple logistic and conditional logistic regressions, and evaluating fit of logistic models.


Categorical Data Analysis: Manipulated contingency tables using Mantel-Haenszel test and McNemar’s test.  Explored Poisson regression models and generalized linear models.


Life Data (Survival) Analysis: Performed calculations for Kaplan-Meier analysis, cumulative hazard rates, probabilities of survival, finding the power of a test, accelerated life models and proportional hazards models.